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By Laws

38(1): No person shall launch a vessel without the consent of the beach inspector from Maidencombe Beach, Meadfoot Beach, (both ends), Preston Beach (opposite Seaway Road, Paignton), Goodrington South Sands, Boradsands (Northern end).

(2): This by-law shall not apply to any persons whom beach rights have been granted by the Council provided that such persons in exercising these rights comply with the conditions as to launching attached to their grants.

39: No sub-aqua swimming shall take place from the beaches known as Beacon Cove, Livermead, Elberry and Hollicombe between 15th March and 31st October nor in an Enclosed Harbour without the consent of the Harbour Master.

40(1): No person shall dive from a vessel within the arbour unless there is a lookout in the vessel at all times whilst such person is in the water.

(2): Whilst any person is diving from a vessel the lookout remaining shall ensure that there is exhibited on the vessel a rigid replica of the International Code flag “A” not less than one metre in height. Measures shall be taken to ensure all-round visibility.

(3): In this by-law “diving” means that form of diving known as sub-aqua diving and “dive” shall be construed accordingly.

If you want to water-ski after diving, there are strict rules about lanes and speed limits. A full copy of the by-laws can be obtained from the Council or harbour offices.

WARNING – There is very heavy boat traffic in the whole of Tor Bay, but nowhere is this so evident as around Brixham, and extremely busy fishing and commercial port. It is essential that all divers and diver coxswains are aware of this at all times. It is vitally important that all shore diving is carried out with clear SMBs and out of the obvious traffic lanes. It is just as important to see that all offshore diving is carried out with adequate boat cover, SMBs and out of obvious danger areas. At least one unmarked diver has been killed here by surfacing directly in the path of a fishing boat.