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(Part 1)

If you are lucky enough to have both the desire and the means to buy a boat, you will probably find it is one of the most exciting purchases of your life. Many individuals who have already done so say that it is right up there in terms of pleasure and excitement as when they bought their first house.

Of course vessels come in all different shapes and sizes and the type of boat you are intending to purchase as well the activities for which you will be using it will all help to contribute to these feelings.

However, as you will already know there is a significant price that must be paid and this refers only to the cost of the boat. Whilst it is true that the vessel itself will be the bulk of the sum, there are a number of other on-going costs to consider such as insurance, maintenance, fuel and mooring fees to name just a few.

Being financially prepared for what you are about to set in motion is essential as when you make such a significant investment its easy to find yourself in over your head. Keep reading for an overview of the important considerations that every one should take into account before buying a new boat.